Academic Support

The degree and type of academic support often depends on the teacher. For teachers who need or desire greater professional development, especially those newly certified to teach EFL, we offer the availability of trained and experienced teachers to assist in the preparation of lesson plans and offer ideas and suggestions for improving lessons and making them more communicative.

For our more experienced teachers of English as a foreign language, we also offer an extensive library of supplementary books and materials. We make our teachers’ jobs easier by ensuring that they have access to the resources they need to deliver effective and professional lessons.

We also offer numerous opportunities for continued professional development. Our teachers are expected to participate in a variety of webinars provided by well-known teacher training and publishing companies, which are designed to help already certified teachers further develop and hone their professional methods and skills. These opportunities, when they arise, are advertised to our teachers by the Director of Studies. In addition to regular webinars, our school occasionally invites professional teacher trainers as guests to provide in-house seminars for our teachers.

All teachers are regularly observed by our Director of Studies and given feedback and recommendations for improving their classroom performance.

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